Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The three month long blog....

In true first time mother fashion, it has taken almost three months to start the blog I have been talking about. After having my first baby, (see picture at top of page) a month early, lets just say that I was a little unprepared. As a matter of fact, I had him on the day that was marked for my baby shower. As this is my kind of luck, at least we delivered in a hospital that didn't mid a ton of visitors, since the shower was sort of impromptu and in my hospital room.
Since then, we have started to fall into a routine around the house. He seems to only have a cranky day every few days. Unfortunatly, I am the kind of person who likes to keep busy, and right now, that seems impossible since I am really just betting the bare essentials completed. The normal day consists of the following:

Wake up

Although, it all seems worth it for the half smile he is starting to make! Counting down the minutes for a giggle...

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