Monday, August 30, 2010

DQS9 Swap Quilt

Just a little peek at my swap quilt. It has to be finished tomorrow, and in the mail Wednesday, as it has far to travel. I had a hard time finalizing the design for this one, as my original idea just wouldn't come together. Just too far out of my personal box I guess. All I have to show for that try is about 24 three inch squares, and a basket of scraps. Oh well, it's a learning experience.

Here's a close up shot of some stitching. I definitely need a new machine. Now back to work!
I have one more surprise addition to finish! Note I said surprise!

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DeeRoo said... I am officially see I heart this quilt so and I haven't received mine yet but now I know it is going over the water somewhere and not to me....*sulks back to her sewing machine*!;(