Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anybody still out there?

Well Hellooooo! Anybody out there? I've decided to come back and blog again. It's been kind of a busy couple of months and we've had a lot of changes around here.

My daughter has decided to go back to work full time, which makes me a full time nanny. I have to run our Etsy shop all by myself as well. Now I'm thinking we may have to figure out a way for me to squeeze in at least a part time job. With the exception of my daughter's husband who is an auto broker, our entire immediate family is in the construction industry, which is pretty much at a standstill. And we all know how well the automobile industry is faring. As for myself, I've been unemployed for most a year. I worked for 15 years at 2 large fabric chains managing stores, until the company I worked for closed all three stores in our area. So my experience is in retail, which also is in the dumps.

But on a cheery note, I've finished 3 quilt tops, (finished is a misleading word) and started 5 others. I have completed 2 bags and have 6 others almost done as well. (see pic above) Hopefully I will have pictures of some of the others soon. it seem that when I do find time to take a picture, it's raining, and my camera doesn't seem to take very good pictures indoors. Too bad I dropped my old camera, I miss it.

Here's a picture of the boy being my little helper. He loves to tear the wrappers off the new fabrics. Kitty keeps an eye on him. Oh, and stop back tomorrow for info on a sale in the shop. http://www.uberstitch.etsy.com/


Anonymous said...

I'm still here. Sad about all the job losses in the recession :-( Lucky that you've had some quilting time though. Love the stuff in your Etsy shop. I'll be back to buy once I get a new debit card (yay no more credit)!! Happy babysitting.

Rebecca said...

What a cute picture! Sorry to hear that the recession is hitting your family. Your daughter is lucky to have you to nanny for her! I wish my mom lived closer!


meggie said...

Times are getting tough here too, & we see the Thrift stores trading has picked up.
How lovely for you to be full time nanny- but I remember also, very exhausting!