Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moeder Kip Goodies

A while back I participated in the International Stash Busting Giveaway, and to my surprise, I actually won something. Some really cute prints from Moeder Kip, a blogger in Australia.
http://www.moederkip.blogspot.com/ She is participating in Handmade Help, to raise money for the Australian Red Cross, and Wildlife Victoria by auctioning an adorable childs dress . Please check out her blog for more details. I'm hoping that tonite I can finish my donation blocks for the Bushfire Quilt project. As usual, I'm late. Hopefully I'll be back with pics tomorrow.

1 comment:

Moeder Kip said...

Thanks for the mention!
Really appreciate all your support, and hope you enjoy the fabric!
MoederKip x