Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Party prep for the BIG DAY!!

Well, It's only 4 more days until the BIG DAY. NO, I am not talking about the Superbowl. I am talking about the boy's 1st BIRTHDAY PARTY. Mom, Dad, and the Boy are in Colorado, freezing, while I am here in sunny Florida basking in the sunshine. OK, maybe I am just looking at it out the window while I blog, sew a banner for the party, make a crown for the Prince. (the BOY thinks he's the KING) I thought I would have much more done while they 've been gone, I guess the list is too long. I can't wait until he gets back on Saturday. Yeah, I miss Mom and Dad too.

I did manage to get another donation block done for Project Improv. I also signed up for another giveaway. More on that Tommorrow. Here's a picture of the block. Also a picture of the practice crown.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Free Fabric

In honor of the boy's upcoming 1st birthday, we are having a give away. We are giving away 7 fat quarters, 1 each from the Rocket Scientist line by Keri Beyer for In the beginning Fabrics. See pictures below. (the boy is not part of the prize, this is his party invitation picture.) Just comment on the blog and leave your first name and last initial. You can enter through Saturday, January 31st. The winner will be randomly drawn on February 2, 2009 and posted on the blog. For a chance to win 2 yards of fabric, of your choice from our website, go to and sign up for our mail list. Please feel free to browse around while you are there ;0).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project Improv

Well, I guess you can see by the button on the sidebar, that I joined Project Improv. It is being hosted by Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio. Being that I am, as I've previously mentioned, a procrastinator, I Decided to get my donation block done ASAP. I have to say, that for the last 6 months or so, I seem to have misplaced my quilting mojo. Making my block last night seems to have started my creative juices flowing. Now if I can get on top of my time management skills. Oh, and I will have to talk to the boy about being more self sufficient. ;0)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hi, I'm the other half of Uberstitch, the "mom", (and grandma ) :). Since my daughter has had to go back to work, I'm in charge of the business, the blog, and the boy :) This posting on a blog is new to me, I'm not sure how much of a writer I am. Although if you learn by osmosis, I sure be an expert since I certainly read alot of blogs. Right now I am trying to get the courage to join a project that Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie Studio is starting with improvisational blocks. This style is right up my alley. I have a really hard time "staying inside the lines" and following instructions when I quilt. My other problem is I procrastinate. A lot. Maybe if I join the possibility of embarrassment will force me to finish. Well, I guess I'll think about it while I post some fabric on etsy, and clean up the dishes. And here is a new photo of the boy from his Christmas card photo shoot. I'm still waiting for a call from GQ.